Dog lovers of all types — owners, trainers, kennel operators, and veterinarians — can keep the animals in their care healthier, happier and more comfortable with Kloud9 Canine Support Surfaces from Vivorté!

Proudly made in the USA, and manufactured for easy use and lasting durability, Kloud9 support surfaces help prevent pressure sores and other problems for dogs, especially elderly or ill animals, that spend long hours lying down on hard surfaces. Instead of suffering from painful, damaging pressure at their hips, elbows and other bony parts, dogs provided with Kloud9 support surfaces experience firm but gentle support.

Kloud9 Canine Support Surfaces are the best way to make sure that your best friend is comfortable at home, while staying in a kennel, or when being cared for at the vet’s office.

The Kloud9 support surface is excellent for emergency and critical care. Knowing the animal is properly supported brings peace of mind.

Benjamin R. Lancaster, LVT
BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Special Note to Veterinarians:

Kloud9 support surfaces are proven to redistribute the dog’s weight to promote perfusion of blood through the soft tissues, preventing pressure points that can lead to the formation of decubitus ulcers at bony prominences.